Today, we consume most of our resources and our carbon footprint is increasing over time due to our dependence on fossil fuels. The carbon footprint is a measure of the damage that human activities cause to the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide. This measure goes to a point of no return over time.

For these reasons, our goal as the MFET family is to fund projects to improve urban and natural life. On the website of Balance, one of our projects, we present you the first and most important step of reducing carbon emissions that threaten the lives of many living things. In this step, you can calculate your carbon footprint and plant trees in Kiri forests within the MFET.

Kiri is a tree that absorbs 10 times more carbon than other trees and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. It can also grow to the size of an adult oak tree in a very short time. You can reduce your carbon footprint by planting a Kiri tree for yourself, your family and our future

Our Targets

Towards A Greener World With Balance

Awareness Raising

We raise awareness with carbon measurement, which is the first step in reducing the carbon footprint.

Making It Accessible

We make reducing the carbon footprint accessible to the entire society.

Join For The Future

How would you like to embark on this quest in order to change the current situation so that the future is different?

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